Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I saw Cysero in aq worlds

sorry for the brightness and i wasn't ready to take this so i used my webcam on my computer

Player Housing

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Two giant Asteriods are heading towards our world. The impact location will be the town of Battleon! The most powerful magic users from across the land are gathering now to find a solution to this dire situation... and you have been invited!

Hey! Wait a minute, Artix is not a mage..

What started last Friday has turned into a major world-changing event. It is all unfolding now! Whatever happens next... will only happen once... and we expect it to happen on Friday. Are you ready to become a part of history?

Monday, June 22, 2009

The SleuthHound Inn Walktrough

I think some people need help with SleuthHound Inn so i decied to make a walktrough.
Part 1
1. Start the Quest by talking to Curry and watching the cutscene.

2. From Curry go right and up to find suspect 1/6 Agatha Peacock. (Make sure you hit the question marks above their heads to collect their names for the suspect list).

3. From Agatha Peacock go right, up, left and up to find suspect 2/6 Alfred Hitchgreen.

4. From Alfred Hitchgreen go right to find suspect 3/6 Edgar Allen Plum.

5. From Edgar Allen Plum go left, down, left, left and up to find suspect 4/6 Sir Arthur Mustard.

6. From Sir Arthur Mustard go up, right, right and right to find suspect 5/6 Scarlet Drew.

7. From Scarlet Drew go up the ladder to find Didet the Butler (You DO NOT need a Skull Key to get in but you also don’t need the clue as stated; I’ll explain this in the last step).

8. From Didet the Butler go left to find your final suspect 6/6 Angela Whiteberry. This is all the suspects

9.Go talk to curry

10.He will tell you to find all the wapons in the inn

Part 2

1. Starting from Angela Whiteberry head down and down again to find weapon 1/6 the Sleuthhound Blade on the wall above the chair (Brush up against the weapons to add them to the list).

2. From the Sleuthhound Blade head down and right to find weapon 2/6 the Hardy Dagger sitting on a table.

3. From the Hardy Dagger head left, up, up, up and right to return to Didet the Butler’s room (This DOES require a second Skull Key).

4. From Didet the Butler go down the ladder and head left to find weapon 3/6 the Rose Petal Scepter.

5. From the Rose Petal Scepter head left, left, down and down to find weapon 4/6 the Hand of the Polearm in the corner above the bookcase.

6. From the Hand of the Polearm head right, right and right to find weapon 5/6 the Axe of Indictment hanging on the wall near the chair.

7. From the Axe of Indictment head down, down, left, left, and up into the STORAGE ROOM not up the stairs to find weapon 6/6 the Carpenter’s Hammer on the back wall above the stairs.

8. Finally from the Carpenter’s Hammer head down and talk to Curry.

Part 3
1. While talking to Curry click Solve Mystery, and it will give you three options to change; “Who did it?”, “What weapon did they use?”, and “Where they did it?”.

2. Focus on the “Who did it?” option, don’t touch any other option, just click the down arrow once in the “Who did it?” option and then hit Check Clues, if he says “Are you clueless?” Then that person is not the correct suspect. If Curry says “I think you need to look for more clues.” That person is guilty. (This option does dictate what costume you get, if the person whose costume you want isn’t guilty then start over now, if you want a weapon or just want to do the quest once keep going).

3. Now set the name to the guilty person from the last step and click down once on the “What Weapon did they use?” option then hit Check Clues. If he says “I think you need to look for more clues.” This is the wrong weapon. Keep picking different weapons until Curry says “Something sounds a little off!”

4. AT LAST! The end is near. Now set the person and the weapon to the correct ones from the last step and click down on the “Where they did it?” option. Hit Check Clues, if he says “Something sounds a little off!” then the location is wrong. Now just keep trying locations until he says “You know what? That is a good possibility.”

5. Now, select the correct person, weapon and location. Put the correct answer in each area then click Solve! If you were right then it says “Amazing sleuthing skills, young adventurer! Let’s go apprehend the suspect!” Now click “Get the suspect.” (Please note if he says he can’t accuse the innocent then hit the X button at the top DO NOT HIT GO TO ROOM this will cause you to restart from the beginning. If this happens just retry steps 1-5).

6. You’ll watch a quick cutscene and then fight the boss, it has 1,000 HP, so don’t worry about beating it alone. It can drop all of the weapons from the weapon collection step, and a key to one of the 6 chests. You will get a costume based on who was guilty.
That’s the end, hope this guide helped!

Edit: When it asks What wepon did they use or where they did it the questions befor that must be filled in with the correct awnswer

The SleuthHound Inn

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In what was one of the most amazing come-backs in the history of Battleon, 2 Million Sneevils were defeated in less than 24 hours by the combined adventurers of our world.